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Magento Experts – South Africa

If you have tried finding¬† a Magento Expert based in South Africa I suspect you may have realized that it’s slim pickings out there with only 3 South African companies listed on the Magento Partners portal and a handful of developers in what seems to be a very inactive South Africa Magento Developers Group on LinkedIn . I am certain however that there are more of us out there. So “Mage” fans I would like to hear from you. (more…)

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Adding a “preExecute” method to symfony2 controllers

As a¬† fan of the symfony framework, I have to admit that I have been a rather bad citizen when it comes to adopting symfony2. Stable releases of symfony2 have been around for some time now, yet up until recently I have opted for starting new projects on version 1.4.x for the simple reason that I was able to convince myself that there would not be enough time to “learn” symfony2.

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Hello World

Welcome to my attempt of sharing what goes on in my head. To some extend a lot of what I will be recording here will be for my own record but feel free to comment and contribute. I am a lot things ( Husband, Developer, Entrepreneur ammongst others) but the thing I love being most is a developer and since this is my first post on my new blog I’m going to do the traditional hello word thing. (more…)

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